Change consulting

to me means providing professional and committed support to managers and teams who are implementing a change in their field of work.

In doing so, my task is to formulate a bespoke approach for you and to implement it, in coordination and cooperation with your managers and teams, in a sustainable way.

As Partners

describes the philosophy behind my way of working. By means of my creative and individualised concepts, I provide fresh impetus and allow for the affected managers and employees to have a high degree of participation, thus promoting communication and networking.

With much enthusiasm

I completed my psychology studies with a focus on work and business psychology in Germany (German Diplom) and the USA (MSc (USA)) and found joy and enrichment in working with diverse teams.

With a passion

I was responsible for supporting change processes in my role as a specialist in personnel and organisational development and later as the head of department for organisational development at AXA Service AG. I was then able to put my leadership skills to use in the position of head of human resources and organisational development (at Talanx Deutschland) and, together with the entire team, supported a profound procedural, structural and cultural change process.

As part of a network

of great consultants, I have been supporting businesses from different industries in the successful implementation of their change plans since 2013. The services I offer range from the introduction of cultural changes such as agile working methods, flexible working and self-organised teams, to the development of junior executives and executives, to the moderation of management conferences and team workshops.

I look forward to getting to know you!
Kerstin Stolzenberg